Aylar Teb Azar Company has been registered at Tehran Non-Profit Organization Registry Office under registration number 421296, on 2012-02-28. The company’s activities include the providing of the best healthcare products including the food supplements and hygiene products. We believe in the motto “Our people deserve the best”, and we try to purchase the best products and ingredients from the most reputable companies and supply them to our nation.


Our Viewpoint
We believe that health is one of the greatest blessings and gifts bestowed upon mankind, and we must protect it in the best way possible. We do our best to improve the health of our consumers. In this regard, we believe in the provision of the best products to our people.
In the belief that “prevention is better and cheaper than treatment” we strive to provide consumers with the necessary information and awareness. We also try to provide better programs for nutrition and improvement to the customers.

Our Objective
Our objective is to improve the health of society and the consumers of our products. We believe that heightening people’s awareness of health, hygiene and methods of health improvement is the best way to prevent diseases and costs imposed on patients.

درباره شرکت.

Company’s Research and Development Vision
Research & Development Group: According to the motto of the company, “Our people deserve the best”, the company’s research and development group has a mission to always choose the best and highest-quality products for the company and provide them to the consumers. Accordingly, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the most reputable German companies active in the field of food supplements production. Also, a South Korean company named CHO-A pharm, has been selected for some of the products whose raw materials and originate from South East Asia, and products that are useful and appealing to the Iranian consumers have been selected from this company.
Marketing: We believe that in order to foster the culture, promote, and introduce our products, we need to put together a strong team for visiting physicians and pharmacists and introducing our products. Although the selected products are of excellent quality and are well-known among the medical community of the country, a marketing team is necessary for introducing our products into the market.
The Scientific Team: The scientific team of the company is formed of experts with knowledge of scientific resources. The scientific team serves to provide scientific support, train the team representatives, and present the latest scientific achievements associated with the imported food supplements. This team is also held responsible for developing and drafting brochures and scientific booklets to inform the customers.
The expert members of this team are ready to present the latest information on the company’s products in response to the public questions.

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